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"Edgy, daring and sparky, Dublin band Cap Pas Cap play a hugely alluring post-everything game. There has only been a handful of releases to date, but each one has seen them pulling new shapes from the bag. Their best moment to date was last year’s hypnotic and spacey We Are Men single on the Skinny Wolves label, a pointer to the new-wave-no-wave-what-wave terrain they’re calling their own. Cap Pas Cap’s debut album should be one of this year’s highlights."
- Jim Carroll, Irish Times. 'Top 50 Irish Bands right now, Article'

Dublins dark pop wonders, Cap Pas Cap, have come along way from the more krautrock-influenced new wave sounds found on their first "Not Not is Fine" 12" EP released at the end of 2006 (which sold out in a couple of weeks, along with the Japanese re-issue selling out in days), to the hypnotic and spacey new-wave-no-wave-what-wave terrain of their 'We Are Men' 12" single in 2009 (featuring remixes from Jape, Decal & thatboytim). Now, at the end of 2010, Cap Pas Cap re-appear out of the ether, with "Haunted Light"...

Cap Pas Cap make music laced with tension and unease, driven by propulsive motorik rhythms, skittering guitar, cascading synth sounds and insouciant vocals. Yet amidst the maelstrom of this dark-wave sonic assault they retain an uncanny pop sensibility at their core. While their antecedents can be traced back to a post punk milieu and the creative vapour trails that followed, Cap Pas Cap do not simply ape their heroes. Rather, through a distillation of influences they have arrived at a sound and dynamic that is wholly and unmistakably their own. Cap Pas Cap don’t just want to party, they want to party hard and deep into the cold dark night.

Latest Release

Haunted Light : LP

Available now on Vinyl & special limited edition metallic gold cassette (both with free downloads) from Skinny Wolves Records, or digital download available from iTunes, Amazon, etc...



We Are Men : 12"

Featuring 'We Are Men' title track and remixes by Jape, Decal and thatboytim. More information »
Buy it from Skinny Wolves Records.

We Are Men 12"


"This Irish based outfit return with their second vinyl release. This new EP follows on from their stunning debut 'Not Not Is Fine' from 2006. The EP opens up with the original version of 'We Are Men' with a big pulsating punk funk bass riff providing the backbone for a really uptempo piece of no wave complete with eighties synth action. Richie Egan aka JAPE gives the track a bit of eighties electro pop treatment on his remix with a big throbbing drum machine and hypnotic looped vocal treatments. thatboytim opens up the second side with lots of added funky guitar sounds. the DECAL remix closes the ep and its probably the pick of them for me. Its a superb piece of heaving guitar heavy industrial space rock sounding a bit like Godflesh with a punk funk fixation. Its all very hypnotic and quite dark and menacing too. december 2008" - Road Records

"Well it's about time! Cap Pas Cap have starved us of releases in 2008, but thankfully they've managed to squeeze one in before the end of the year. So, was it worth the wait? Well, in a word, yes! New single We Are Men is textbook CPC, but still utterly new. The production is slightly different from the excellent Not Not is Fine EP of last year. More polished, not as raw and slightly more electronic. The trademark hooks, unique vocal and robust rhythm section are still intact. The only difference here is that they've invited some of their mates to the party - Decal, thatboytim and Jape. Mr Egan's 4-to-the-floor rework gets our top vote, but there is something interesting in all of the reinterpretations." - Totally Dublin

"Cap Pas Cap return with a new 12" release containing new song ‘We Are Men’ a fast-paced tune which zips out of the speaker with distorted bass and an urgency not heard from this band before. This really leaves us salivating for more and for bonus points, not a cowbell to be heard.

What really makes this a must-have release are the three remixes accompanying the tune. From the subtle driving remix by thatboytim, a banging electro workout from Jape (fast becoming the best Irish remixer going if this and his remixes for Fight Like Apes and SEBP are anything to go by) and an elongated and slowed down space-rock remix from Decal." - State Magazine

"The single itself is a solid, thumping dance-rock number with a throbbing Klaxons drumbeat, yelping vocals and enough kazoo/guitar/indie female backing vocals to ensure this would be a welcome banger in any dark club on a cheeky Tuesday night booze-up." - Drop D

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